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CREST Hill, IL - You've never seen a better place in town than the Crest Hill Natural History Museum. As Wednesday is the 73rd anniversary of the Lidice massacre, it is a good time to take a tour that explains exactly why there is such a strong link between the emerging garden and the history of Chicago's history and culture.

The Historical Society also operates the restored EJ & E Depot 4 Museum, located at the corner of Main Street and West Michigan Avenue in Crest Hill. The newly renovated and modernized Main Street Museum, located at the intersection of North Michigan and Main Streets in the heart of the city, is open regularly during these hours by appointment at 815 - 436 - 4073.

The museum's main exhibition gallery serves as the focal point of the annual Main Street Festival of the Crest Hill Historical Society. The museum opened in 2009 as part of the Tourism Attraction Program, which was funded by a grant from the Illinois Department of Natural Resources' Tourism Attractions Program.

The funds will be used to hire a museum director, digitize the fossil egg research collection and purchase a new storage unit for the specimens. In addition, the funding allows the museum to properly maintain and improve the collection of Jurica Biology Chart.

If you would like to contribute to the museum to support its ongoing life sciences programs, please contact us at 630 - 829 - 6531, call 815 - 436 - 4073, or contact the Illinois Museum of Natural History or the University of Illinois at Urbana - Champaign at (630) 827 - 5555.

The Monticello Railway Museum relies on many sources of income to acquire, restore, maintain and operate the museum. Donors help to finance and facilitate many projects in our museum and provide funds for the maintenance and care of our collections and for our life sciences programs. All donations are welcome and appreciated and will in some way help us to facilitate many things together - necessary improvements for the museum and our research and education programs.

The Monticello Railway Museum reminds that donations to the museum are tax deductible. Your gift to our museum influences our ability to fulfill our mission and continue our work. Please register for the Museum of Life Sciences at the Illinois State Museum in Des Plaines, Illinois.

The City of Joliet does not guarantee the correctness or completeness of the information provided on its website. Please consult the official records of the State of Illinois and / or the official records of our city or our official records (s) with the city if your legal reliance on this information requires.

Peerbolte said the museum intends to release updated information in the near future, as soon as the state's public health benchmarks allow. To give the experience a modern touch, the museum offers a series of guided tours of the selected interiors of the building, as well as a special exhibition on the history of the building. For the first time in a long time, we are returning to our popular themed tours, including historic tours for children and adults. Other copies of this lithograph are available at the Joliet Museum of Art and the Illinois State Museum in Chicago.

One focus of the scholarship is to enable students and trainees of the BenU to train in the preventive conservation of museums. The museum will create opportunities to improve access to the collection and make the research collection accessible to scientists worldwide.

All three buildings are on the National Register of Historic Places, and the 15102 W. Lockport Street building itself is a listed building. Know that you will receive a free admission to the library when you check out your museum experience pass. If you are in the core area of Kidlist, click here to see if you are participating in a museum experience pass for your library. Check out our list of Chicago's great museums to discover more opportunities for less, and check back every week for more information on other of Chicago's greatest museums.

The Jurica Suchy Nature Museum is a great place for school groups to enjoy and learn about the life and work of three dedicated monks. Nature lovers can hike, canoe, kayak and hike on Carillon Lakes, which is also home to one of Chicago's most popular nature trails. Other places to explore in the area include Lake Michigan Nature Center, the Natural History Museum of the Chicago Park District and the Museum of Nature and Science.

The well-known reformer Dorothea Dix personally requested the Illinois General Assembly to build a new prison after an inspection of Alton Prison in 1847. A few months later, in 1942, the President-in-exile of Czechoslovakia came to Joliet and attended the inauguration of the original monument in an empty cornfield. Executive Director Greg Peerbolte said: "This was a good time to look at the prisoners at Old Jolie Prison (1858) because the national sanctuary protocol has opened up new perspectives for Americans to lock up. Later, subdivisions were created around the monument, such as the former site of the Episcopal Church of St. John.

More About Crest Hill

More About Crest Hill