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When I wistfully recall the days when record stores littered the landscape and streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music, I wonder if I've just become an old man. Especially when I mention what I consider to be the greatest record store of all time, the Crow's Nest in Chicago. The crow's nest was created a few years ago, decorated from the outside with its classic black and white colour scheme.

With an extremely powerful and fearless stage presence and still with a playful smile, Matilda couldn't hide the fact that she was looking forward to playing for her fans in Chicago again. She was able to return to her original drummer Ron Bailey, with a band that seemed to be having the time of their lives, despite releasing their first full-length album in over a decade.

Every time I walked in, I felt that EVERYTHING that was ever created in this musical universe could be found in its four walls. Every time we raced through the turnstiles, there was a different level of the music world for us to explore and discover.

I know there is no better place in Chicago than the Crow's Nest in the Chicago area. It's the place that keeps coming back, so I follow all the nationally touring acts that come to the Chicago area and beyond.

When I moved to Columbia College Chicago, the Crows Nest happened to open a smaller location right next door to me. Just a handful of months later they moved to a place I knew and loved and opened a small location in the same building.

A few months later, in 1942, the President-in-exile of Czechoslovakia came to Joliet and attended the inauguration of the original monument in an empty cornfield. At that time, the monument was moved to its present location in Prairie and Hosmer and replaced by a Czechoslovak American Congress to finance the construction of a new monument at the intersection of Prairie Avenue and Prairie Street. The town of Lidice and its surroundings, meanwhile, separated from Jolie and were incorporated into the 1960s as the town of Crest Hill. Later the subdivision grew into a city with its own parks, schools, parks and leisure facilities.

In front of the shop there is an old record shop with a large selection of old and new records. There is the ultimate, and it is the place where fans gather to be the first to get their hands on the band's eagerly anticipated new album.

Just looking at the stage it becomes clear that it is something that has been hit or missed extremely, but A.D. D. is definitely a slap in the chin. I remember the first time I opened the cupboard and it scared me because it was the first thing I saw. If you really know the music, you'll know that mad Eddie is riding around on a motorbike with a tattered British flag.

I # ve had the chance to see him a few times in the store and he has a really good sense of humor about him and his life and music.

I turned the volume up as much as I could, hammering it into my pocket and throwing in some very smooth and creative fillings while I was driving at full throttle through the song. I lost track of what I had forgotten in the next few hours and got lost in the sound of this song and the sounds of the people around me.

Today, I am lucky enough to have a tiny record store in my hometown of Creswell, Illinois, just a few miles north of Chicago in the heart of the city.

Forty miles away are several colleges and universities, including Joliet Junior College, the University of Illinois at Chicago and Illinois State University. Hidden in a wildlife reserve, bridged by the lake shore and surrounded by its own arboretum, it is an educational community that embraces diversity and promotes personal growth.

A short five-mile drive takes you to Romeoville Heritage Falls Water Park, visit the local Chaney Pool or drive just five miles to the Family Fun Zone of Crest Hill. Located in CrestHill, the Family Fun Zone offers year-round indoor fun with a variety of activities for children, adults and families as well as outdoor activities such as swimming, fishing, swimming pools and more. Chaney Pool in Crest Hills features an indoor pool with a pool house, hot tub, saunas, sauna and sausages.

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More About Crest Hill